Brave New World

“What is the future of the church?”

The question is,

“What is the church of the future?”  

South Euclid United Church of Christ has been faithful to the call to be a diverse, inclusive, loving and growing church that is changing lives in our congregation and community.  Perhaps without our knowing, God has been preparing us for what comes next.  What’s next is BIG!  And we are READY! 

God has blessed us with a new vision for the future that will enable us to share the love of God in new and innovative ways.  With an online campus, we will become a bold  church able to reach exponentially more people –  wherever they are – around the globe.  

Members of our congregation are invited to support the work to bring the vision to life with a sacrificial offering to be given by Sunday, April 15, 2018.  The levels of support are:


Level 1:  Jerusalem  $100 - $999
Potential reach to 73,000 people

Level 2: Judea $1000 to $2499

Potential reach to 160,000

Level 3: Samaria $2500 - $4999

Potential reach to 250,000 people

Level 4: Ends of the Earth $5000 - $7499

Potential reach to 690,000 people

Level 5: Upper Room $7500+

Unlimited potential around the globe


To download your pledge card please click here.