Vision Sunday


In October of 2010, I became the pastor of this very special congregation. It was the beginning of an era of divine transformation for this historic and faithful church.  Together, we created a vision for what our church would become and how we would impact the world. For seven years, we worked to successfully bring this vision to life by becoming all that we are today at South Euclid United Church of Christ.  To God be the glory!

Just as the number seven holds significant meaning throughout the Scriptures, I believe the milestone of seven years represents the completion of a development cycle for South Euclid United Church of Christ.  I see it as the beginning of a new phase of spiritual maturity, growth and impact for our unique congregation.  

As we embark on a new era for our church, I am asking for your participation and engagement of a special event called Vision Sunday, which is a Sunday for celebrating what God has done and for envisioning where God is leading us next.  Please mark your calendar for Sunday, November 5, 2017 at 11:00 AM when we will cast a shared vision for "A Brave New World."

We know from experience that a shared vision unifies the congregation. It brings us together and motivates our active engagement in worship and service.  For this reason, I need you to make this event a priority.  It is my intention to share important information about where I believe God is leading our church.  It will be a Sunday of worship and vision casting.  It is my hope and prayer that everyone who calls SEUCC home to be with us for this very important occasion. Childcare will be available. 

Moving Forward By Faith,

Rev. Courtney Clayton Jenkins

Senior Pastor & Teacher