Assist New Members

Members can help the church community grow by lending their time and talent to help newer members learn about our ministries, programs and service opportunities. To learn more or get involved with a specific new member program below, contact the staff director listed.


New Member Fellowships are one component of the SEUCC Membership Assimilation Process.  New Members are invited to a fellowship for the purpose of engaging Pastor Courtney Clayton Jenkins, ministry leaders, and other new members in a very informal and fun atmosphere.

Commitment: Assist in the preparation and hosting of three New Member Fellowships per year.
Gifts: Helps, Hospitality, Service
Lay Leader: Fatima Wright
Staff Leader: Sharon Cooper

Orientation Assistants

New Member Orientations are one component of the New Member Assimilation process.  The Orientations are facilitated by Pastor Courtney Clayton Jenkins. The Orientation Assistants shop for and set up the continental breakfast and distribute and collect all orientation materials. 

Commitment: New Member Orientations are offered six times a year, every other month, on a Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 
Gifts: Administration, Helps, Service
Lay Leader: TBD
Staff Leader: Sharon Cooper

For more information on opportunities to Assist New Members (PULSE), contact:
Rev. Carla Jo Howlett

Associate Pastor of Administration