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Looking Back at 2014

In 2014, the church made history yet again – and what an awesome privilege it was! We fully embraced the theme we had set for ourselves to “Rise from the Rubble: Renew. Restore. Rebuild.” Indeed, God enabled us to do just that. A new name. A beautiful new campus that serves as our church home. Fresh and innovative programming. A growing congregation that is filling our sanctuary every Sunday. A clear plan for continuing to fulfill the mission of our church.

As a whole, our congregation completely heeded the call to renew, restore and rebuild. The renewal of our commitment to discipleship was evident in the increase of worshippers at our services and the number of new people who volunteered to share their spiritual gifts with the church. We restored the same courage our founders had when they stepped out to start our beloved church. We successfully rebuilt our physical church by completing the first phase of construction at our new home.

Indeed, all we had prayed for has come to pass. This annual report serves as a snapshot of 2014 and covers many of the highlights of the year’s activities and accomplishments. We publish this not to brag or for accolades, but to testify to what God can do when people with willing hearts step out on faith and pursue God’s purpose. As we look back over the past year with gratitude, we give God all of the praise, glory and honor for the great things He has done and for all He has in store for 2015.


Up With Kids Announcement:

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March 19, 2018

Dear Beloved,

I greet you in the mighty and matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

I am contacting you today with some news about Up with Kids (UWK), the external daycare and preschool that resides on the campus of South Euclid United Church of Christ.  I was informed this week earlier this month by the UWK director that UWK has decided to vacate its premises by March 31, 2018.  We have tried everything we can to make this relationship work, even up until late last week.  It has become clear that vacating is in the best interest of all parties.

As you may know, UWK has been operating from this location for nearly two decades providing daycare and preschool for children ages six weeks to pre-kindergarten.  Originally, it had a landlord/tenant relationship with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleveland under a ten-year lease which expired in in early 2011, thus converting the relationship to a month-to month tenancy.  SEUCC assumed this month-to-month tenancy when we acquired the property from the Diocese in July 2013.  From day one, we were enthusiastic about having UWK as a tenant, because we understand the value of early childhood development. 

SEUCC has always strived to be a responsible and generous landlord for UWK.  At the same time, we have always had clear expectations for UWK as a tenant.  Our expectations have included UWK making timely payments for rent and utilities as prescribed in the lease, and fulfilling its agreed upon repair and maintenance obligations.

Sadly, UWK has increasingly failed to meet its obligations, which is unacceptable.  As the situation has escalated in recent months, SEUCC reached out to UWK in hopes of resolving the issues while ensuring the continuation of the daycare and preschool on our campus. Unfortunately, it appears UWK is unwilling or financially unable to fulfill its lease obligations and thus decided to move at the end of the month. SEUCC is hopeful that when this happens UWK will have paid any rent and other amounts then owed and that SEUCC will not have to pursue legal action to obtain them.  I hope to learn more about UWK’s plans to address its obligations through our continued dialog in the days ahead.   

I know we all agree that our community deserves access to high quality, local daycares and preschools.  I look forward to exploring the possibility of having another provider operate from our campus.  I trust God will continue to provide inspired vision for the future development of our campus and community service. 

Called For the Purpose of the Kingdom,

Rev. Courtney Clayton Jenkins
Senior Pastor & Teacher