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Posted on September 13, 2019.

Accelerate Leadership Conference – Friday, September 13 and Saturday, September 14 – All SEUCC Leaders can register today for the Accelerate Leadership Conference.  This 1 ½ day leadership experience is designed to equip every leader to carry out the calling that God has placed over each of your lives as you faithfully serve our church, community and world.  Registration includes light dinner on Friday, lunch on Saturday, seminars, worship experiences and conference materials.  Registration is $25.00 per person, childcare is $10.00 for the first child and $5.00 for each additional child. All registrations must be paid by Sunday, September 8.  RAnyone interested in attending is welcome!   If you have questions, please contact Rev. Carla Jo Howlett (

Workshop being offered are as follows:

General Session 1: Faith in Cleveland with Pastor Jenkins; Call, Leadership, and Culture

General Session 2: Why Our Culture Matters Just as Much As our Mission; Pastor Jenkins

Description: Culture—not vision or strategy—is the most powerful factor in any organization. It determines the receptivity of staff and volunteers to new ideas, unleashes or dampens creativity, builds or erodes enthusiasm, and creates a sense of pride or deep discouragement about working or being involved there. Ultimately, the culture of a church shapes individual morale, teamwork, effectiveness, and outcomes. Let’s reflect on the culture that has brought us to this point and become engaged in the culture that will take us into our future.

General Session 3: We Need Culture Carriers; Pastor Jenkins

Description: A culture carrier is someone who has knowledge of our church values, can have an intelligent discussion about why we do what we do and makes decisions that are in line with our mission. Culture carriers are ambassadors for SEUCC and passionately work to promote that culture as they lead and serve in their respective areas. Culture carriers says yes to the culture and no to what hinders the culture. They long to see a culture that makes mission and vision possible. Glean insight from our Pastor on creating leaders who carry the culture everywhere they go.

Breakout Session Offering: Workshop Track: General Leadership Successfully Sailing with Broken Boards: Repairing Broken Teams in the Midst of Forward Movement.; Pastor Cory Jenkins

Description: Teamwork is the basis for how ministry gets done. But what do we do if the team is broken or seriously flawed? How do we move the vision forward when half the team is committed on staying the same? We must courageously lead a team and inspire the change you know God is calling for. Isn't it time you learned how to sail the ship even if it has broken boards holding it together? 

Breakout Session Offering:  Workshop Track: Music/ Worship More than a song: The Point of Worship in Public and Private; Charles Anthony Bryant

Description: Worship is more than singing songs, it’s our soul’s response to God in every aspect of our daily lives. At SEUCC, we feel called to set that response to music, to craft and sing lyrics and melodies that seek to express what we have experienced. Join us for a workshop on the heart of a worshiper and the role we each play in unifying the church around encountering God.

Breakout Session Offering:  Workshop Track: Children & Youth It’s Not Babysitting, It’s Discipleship Development; Min Val Wimms

Description: If we’re not growing young people, we’re dying as a church. If we're not reaching the next generation, who will carry the cause when the time comes? It may be easier not to think about it, but ignoring the problem won't make it go away. When it comes to the next generation, we can’t afford not to get this right. Hear what it takes around leading kids, mobilizing servant leaders, team structure, safety procedures, curriculum, creative programming, and more.

Breakout Session Offering: Workshop Track: General Leadership Servant Leadership 101: You Can’t Do It Without a Team; Michael Headen

Description: The right vision with the wrong people is irrelevant. Leaders aren't just found, they're formed. They're not discovered, they're developed. You have the right people around you, but can you see what's in front of you? Come learn our philosophy and strategy of developing a culture of servant leadership. Walk away with resources, tools, tips, tricks and the confidence needed to ensure a successful reality of your area of assignment into God potential.

Breakout Session Offering: Workshop Track: Usher. Greeters, Guest Services, etc Radical Hospitality: The Key to New Life; Min. Alisha Young

Description: No one returns to a church that isn't hospitable. Extravagant welcome is the way that Jesus encountered nearly every person who was new to his ministry. How does our church welcome outsiders? Are we hospitable to one another? Come and learn how to become the type of church that opens its arms wide to every person and lavishes them with the love of Christ.

Breakout Session Offering: Workshop Track: General Leadership Staying in my Lane: A Healthy Partnership Between Pastor and Lay Leadership in Achieving Mission and Culture; Rev. Carla Jo Howlett

Description: There are many moving parts and pieces to completing a mission. Mission can become reality, more easily, when the pastor fulfills their calling and lay leaders fulfill their calling—especially when the culture is right for both of them. Where trouble so easily arises is when leaders begin to change lanes without a clear call or shift culture without clear communication. Come and learn about the value of staying in your lane so that mission and the culture might become reality.

Breakout Session #1 Offering: Workshop Track: Pastoral Team; Rev. Gina Moore

Description: At South Euclid UCC we have a Pastoral Care focused to the Diaconate.  We seek to meet members at a point of challenge and crisis in this lives.  As result we can go into hospitals, jails, homes, to meet people.  We use calls, cards and texts to stay connected to members who are a part of the flock.  Join us for this workshop as we seek to refresh your pastoral care toolkit and ensure we all understand how important this partnership is to the pastor and the church.  Hear thoughts on what a good team looks like and how to deal with the challenges a diaconate team might face.