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Anxiety. Depression. Stress. Disappointment. Overwhelmed. Our current sermon series, Juggle the Struggle: Thriving in the Age of Anxiety," explores how people of faith deal with these emotions everyday, and why the Church shouldn’t shy away from this reality. Join Pastor Courtney Clayton Jenkins in this seven-part series that addresses the issues that many churches gloss over (yet so many people wrestle with how to juggle the struggle). This series seeks to address mental health, explore why counseling matters, and ensure every believer that it is okay to seek help. Every one can win the battle over the mind, and thrive in the age of anxiety.

Welcome to South Euclid United Church of Christ

South Euclid United Church of Christ, led by Senior Pastor and Teacher, the Rev. Courtney Clayton Jenkins, has a mission to transform the lost into the found, and the found into followers of Jesus Christ who gather, grow, give, and go.