Children & Youth

South Euclid United Church of Christ creates opportunies for members of all ages to worship, celebrate and learn.

Wiggling Worshippers

Sundays during worship services

The Youth Ministry Wiggling Worshippers is our nursery ministry for ages newborn to 4 years old.  The babies and toddlers are introduced to the love of Christ and the church by providing a loving and safe environment; creating a program that will emphasize God’s love through pictures, books, music, and play activities.

L.I.D. (Living Into Destiny)

1st and 3rd Sundays

L.I.D. is the place where children and youth open themselves to God’s plan, purpose, and provision for their lives.  It encompasses both “Youth Church” and “Talk Back To Me Sessions” every Sunday morning for ages 5 to 18. Children and youth participate in worship and discipleship in a manner that will reach them.

The Summit: Youth Ministry Small Group

Wednesdays from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

The Summit is the place where teens ages 12 years to 17 years old gather for faith development and to have their lives challenged so they can be equipped to reach the summit …for their lives.  They discuss real life issues that they encounter on a daily basis and learn how to interpret them and respond from a Christian and faith perspective. 

Youth Ministry – P.A.C. (Parent Advisory Council)


The Youth Ministry – P.A.C. is comprised of parents and the Youth Minister.  They work together to increase parent and family involvement in church through effective communication, while empowering and advocating for all families. They provide feedback on new ministry ideas, youth needs, products and materials for families and share how the ministry can improve its service to families. 

For more information on programs for Children & Youth, contact:

Valerie Wimms

Director of Youth and Young Adults