Juggle the Struggle

Anxiety. Depression. Stress. Disappointment. Overwhelmed. People of faith deal with these emotions everyday and the Church shouldn’t shy away from this realty. This sermon series addresses the issues that many churches gloss over but way to many people are wrestling with how to juggle the struggle. This series seeks to address mental health, explore why counseling matters and ensure every believer it’s okay to seek help. You can win the battle over the mind and thrive the age of anxiety.

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Sermon 1: Carrying vs. Casting

Sermon 2: Overwhelmed vs. Unnoticed

Sermon 3: More vs. Enough

Sermon 4: Nightmares vs. Dreams

Sermon 5: Control vs. Surrender

Sermon 6: Unfollow vs. Follow

Sermon 7: Unmedicated vs. Medicated